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Private Lesson Policies


  • Private Lessons Policies: We are excited your child is apart of our program. Our coaches have limited time slots so please make sure that your lesson is a priority. Once there are two no shows within a 24 hour notice your child will be dropped from our private lesson program. We all have kids of our own and our time is precious so please be considerate of our cancellation policy. 

    Lessons need to be paid MONTHLY.  Private lessons must be scheduled before or after our tumbling classes and team practices unless there is an exception made. We have strict policies in place to help our gym and classes run smoothly.

    Please remember that private lessons are usually done in conjunction with classes to optimize results along with the physical and mental strength of your athlete. The more your child puts into tumbling, the more your child will get out of it.  

    Every child is important to our program. We will set goals will your child and help them achieve tumbling success while having fun and increasing their tumbling confidence. Our OOC coaches are trained with the latest tumbling drills and progressions that are taught to ensure your child’s progress and safety. We put 100% into each lessons and we will text videos to the athlete’s parent. We will also send updates. 


    *Please give the direct coach 24-48 hours notice if you have to cancel a lesson. If your child gets sick the day of the lesson, please let us know ASAP. Lessons that aren’t sickness related will be charged if the coach is not given a 24-hour cancellation notice. If your child is sick and needs to cancel within the the 24-48 hour window then we will credit that lesson or refund it. The more notice the better so your coach can rearrange their schedule.


    *Text or call the coach ASAP if your child is running late. You will not be given extra time if your child is late. Our tumbling classes start promptly after private lessons and we have limited time to allow for extra private lesson time. If it was unforeseen circumstance and we are covered on coaches for a class then we will try to give your child extra time, but this is not guaranteed. 


    *Please call or schedule a meeting with your child’s coach if you have questions about progress or if you have a concern. Text messages can get taken out of context and calling is the best form of communication. 


    *A credit card must be on file if you do private lessons and your child will need a current registration in our system. The annual registration fee is $50. Cards will be charged for no shows. 


    *Please pay with cash or check directly to your coach for your lesson. Some coaches use Venmo. Private lessons must be paid for MONTHLY at the beginning of the month. If you cancel within the notice time you will receive a refund. 


    *If your child misses two lessons without a 24 notice then your child will not continue in our private lesson program. That spot will be opened up for another child. 


    *Private lessons are $25 for 30 minutes for tumbling students and all-star cheerleaders. Lessons are $30 for kids not enrolled in classes. These are the prices regardless if there is more than one child in the lesson. We have our athletes arrive early to stretch and usually give them some extra time in their lesson if needed. 


    *We only do lessons before and after classes so there is limited time to fit everyone into our private lesson spots. Your child’s progress, safety, and confidence is our priority. It takes consistency to help them excel and develop strength both mentally and physically. Please make sure your child’s lessons are a priority otherwise our gym is not the right fit for your child. 


    *Stretching and working on basic skills at home will help your child progress. Our staff has been trained with the latest and most effective teaching methods. If you would like your child to progress faster then they need to add a second day of tumbling. Tumbling two times a week whether it is in a class or private lessons will produce faster results with skills, stamina, and strength. Stretching and conditioning at home for 15 minutes a day is very beneficial.


    *We take your trust in our coaches and our program very seriously. Please remember that if your child is scared of a tumbling skill then it likely needs improvement in technique and more time for consistency. We do not recommend that you spot your child at home. They are taught without a spot 90% of the time and this method creates better results without a mental “dependence” on a spotter to perform their skills safely. Our coaches will always spot them if it is needed when they are learning a new skill. We will push your athlete to do their skills when they are ready! Trust the process and you athlete will soar with success and confidence. 


                                Thank You- 

               Ashton & Oklahoma Outlaws Staff

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