Competition Cheer 

​We have several All-Star Cheer teams for ages 4-18. We compete at 3-4 competitions a year including regional and national competitions. Our competitive programs are set up for parents to drive one day a week. A tumbling class is included in the cheerleader's tuition. We keep our tuition rates low to make competitive cheerleading affordable for all families. Teams practice 1 day a week and tumbling classes are offered Sunday-Thursday. We have tiny, mini, youth, junior, and senior teams so there is a place for every child at any skill level. The Outlaw teams have won over 50 national championship titles. 


Tumbling Classes


​ Tumbling classes will teach your child how to tumble safely with confidence. We offer all levels of classes from beginner to advanced. These classes will be a combination of group coaching and one-on-one. We have experienced coaches that are focused on results and spotting correctly. OCC's tumbling students are very successful in a short amount of time and we've never had a student that couldn't learn to tumble. 


Private Coaching & Stunt Class

Private lessons give students extra one on one attention to improve technique and tumbling skills. Lessons can also prepare students for school or college tryouts. 


Stunt class is for our students to work on balance, flexibility, and confidence in the air. Cheerleaders practice both group and partner stunts during the class.