COVID-19 and Cheer Information

We hope that you and your families are doing well!  We wanted to bring you up to speed on some things happening at OK Outlaws! We would like to thank all those that have reached out to us during this time and offered prayers and support. It has meant the world to us! We also want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone on the front lines from health care workers, to grocery store checkers. We are grateful for each one of you.


We have been putting plans together to accommodate classes and still be in safety compliance for the COVID-19 Virus.  What does that include?  Who falls into that category?  Can we possibly come up with a plan that checks all of the boxes AND goes a step or two further to insure safety of our customers? OK Outlaws will put this plan in action on Monday, May 4th. We will evaluate where we are during the entire process and if we feel that our customers or our staff are not 100% compliant, we will cease immediately.

If we feel that it will work and will remain in compliance, we will repeat the next week and make changes where they are needed.  This is new for all of us, but we will take every action possible to ensure safety. We have very specific restrictions.  Please see process below:


•    Drop off only in front of OK Outlaws

•    Front doors will be open for athletes ONLY

•    We will utilize all of our gym space for classes, which includes the lobby and upstairs to increase distance between our athletes

•    There will be tumbling, jumping, conditioning, and stretching rotations for teams starting out, but no stunting until a later date

•    Staff will take 10-20 minutes to sanitize each area after classes

•    You must have a confirmation to attend classes, first come, first admitted to time slots. Please register ONLINE. Current cheerleaders will NOT need to register for tumbling. A tumbling class will be included in their extended cheer practice time for the month of May.

•    No high fives, hugs, etc will take place

•    No parents or siblings allowed in building or congregating in the parking lot, you may drop off and park, but please stay in the car

•    Due to limited space, accounts must be current to continue with teams or classes

•    If your requested time is full, we will move to next closest available time

•    Attending these is completely VOLUNTARY and will not affect any squad placements in the future

•    Athletes will use sanitizer before and after classes

•    No parents in the viewing area, drop off and pick up only

•    Please follow all city guidelines in regard to preventing the COVID-19 VIRUS



We understand that there are many widely disputed views on this subject and we respect all of them.  We feel as though we have developed a way to compromise on the subject and still be able to provide a healthy outlet and environment for our athletes during this period.  We fully expect to get some great responses and some not-great responses, but we are simply navigating through a time that we have not previously seen, ever!  We do take all concerns seriously and we certainly appreciate supportive messages!  Keep in mind safety is our first priority and we will make adjustments where they are necessary each day.  Also, this may possibly not be the only email on the subject, but it is our starting point. Please share this email with anyone you know who was interested in our program. We appreciate it! The May cheer and tumbling schedule is listed below. Cheer tryout information is at the bottom of the email.


Thank you so much, please let us know if you need clarification on anything regarding this plan.

MAY session schedule: We will move athletes around as needed. We will do this month by month and plan accordingly!


Monday 5:00-5:50 Tumbling

Monday 6:00-6:50 Tumbling (Part of class upstairs)

Monday 6:30-9:00 Senior 3.2 & Senior Coed (Cheer & Tumbling)


Tuesday 5:00-5:50 Tumbling

Tuesday 6:00-8:30 Youth 2 & Junior 2 (Cheer & Tumbling)


Wednesday 5:00-5:50 Tiny (Cheer & Tumbling)

Wednesday 6:00-6:50 Tumbling (Class Upstairs & Trampoline)

Wednesday 6:00-8:00 Mini (Cheer & Tumbling)

Wednesday 7:00-7:50 Tumbling (Part of class upstairs)


Thursday 5:00-5:50 Tumbling

Thursday 6:00-6:50 Tumbling (Part of class upstairs)

Thursday 6:30-9:00 Junior 3 (Cheer & Tumbling)


Tryout Information:

New athletes will be required to tryout, but we have teams for everyone from ages 3-19. Current Outlaw cheerleaders will only need to tryout if they would like to move teams. Saturday, June 6 is our tryout date for teams unless you would like to schedule an evaluation before then. Teams will be finalized in August. Please email to schedule a cheer evaluation and include the age of your child or if they have had an previous experience. You can also call or text 580-465-8833 to get one set up.


Cheerleaders ONLY: New season registration will be due June 1st ($25 annual registration & $20 t-shirt)

Tumbler ONLY: New season registration will be due August 1st ($25)